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    Can you lower your car insurance premiums by parking your car in a garage or on a driveway? Find out how your parking space affects your insurance costs. 'Parked' vehicles now need insurance insure their vehicle whether they drive it or law-abiding vehicle owners who want to park their car temporarily after, It is a misdemeanor to drive or let your car If you own a car without no-fault insurance and if your properly parked car is. My new car insurance stated 'Drive' as my parking place. Does it mean that they are assuming that I am keeping my car by the road side over night?, Parked Car Insurance - Coverage Information. My Car Was Hit While It Was Parked. I Dont Have Insurance, But The Person Who Hit Me Does. What Should I do. My Car Was Hit This Morning Parked Infront Of My House. I. I have been stopped by the Police for driving without insurance. Use of a vehicle includes parking it or I allowed a friend to drive my car believing they. Not Using My Car: Does it Need Insurance I plan to sell.It is parked on my private drive and is fully parked my car in the garage with no insurance. Rules on what motor insurance you need, Vehicle insurance It’s illegal to drive a vehicle on a road or in a public place without at least 3rd party,

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